Kassi ronimispuu Woody H248-270 x Ø48 cm

Kassi ronimispuu Woody H248-270 x Ø48 cm
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Kassi ronimispuu Woody H248-270 x Ø48 cm

Kassi ronimispuu Woody H 248-270 x Ø 48 cm

A space-saving, ceiling-high cat tree with real wood platforms, a hammock, den, snuggle beds and sisal posts. Washable plush covers and wall bracket included. Dimensions: H 248-270 x diameter 48 cm.

This slim-line, ceiling cat tree is space-saving but provides your cat with endless scratching and sleeping possibilities! The included wall bracket ensures that this cat tree is secure and can withstand the most energetic cat.

You can vary the position of the different sleeping areas and turn the Wood Scratching Post cat tree into a completely different tree.

For example, you can position the den right at the top or right at the bottom, depending on whether your cat prefers to sleep high up or low down.

The base plate and all platforms of this cat tree are made from untreated plywood, sourced from sustainably managed forests. To keep them clean, wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth. The den, hammock and snuggle beds are covered in soft cream plush, so your cat can cuddle up and snooze in total comfort.

The plush platform coverings are all removable and can be washed up to 30°C. They are firmly attached to the wooden platforms with Velcro.

There is an additional wall bracket which is also made from wood. This wall bracket makes the space-saving Wood Scratching Post Cat Tree very stable and secure, so your cat can be as adventurous as they want!

The Wood Scratching Post Cat Tree at a glance:

  • Space-saving, ceiling-high cat tree with endless scratching and sleeping possibilities
  • Large plywood platforms: sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Sleeping areas: vary the position of the hammock, cuddle beds and den to your cat’s preferred height
  • Wall bracket included: helps to secure the cat tree and keep it stable
  • Soft coverings: fully removable and washable at up to 30°C, these soft coverings are a great place for your cat to cosy up
  • Sleeping areas and cushions: soft polyester padding guarantees comfort for your cat
  • Natural colours, easy to care for
  • Made in Georgia
  • Colour:
    • Wood: brown
    • Sleeping areas: natural white
  • Dimensions:
    • Total dimensions: H 248-270 x diameter 48 cm
    • Maximum space needed: 85 x 72 x 248-270 cm (L x W x H)
    • Base plate: 48cm (diameter)
    • Den:
      • Soft plush exterior
      • Dimensions: approx. H 28.5 x 48 cm (diameter)
      • Inner dimensions: approx. H 25 x 43 cm (diameter)
      • Removable cushion: 43cm (diameter)
    • 2 snuggle beds with edge:
      • 100% polyester
      • Total dimensions: approx. 50 x 40 x 10 cm (L x W x H)
      • Sleeping areas: approx. 35 x 30 cm (L x W)
      • Attachable with Velcro fastening
    • Hammock:
      • Sleeping area: approx. 50 x 36 cm (L x W)
      • Removable covers
    • 5 sisal posts:
      • Diameter: 11cm
      • 5 x 40cm
    • 1 wall bracket:
      • Length: 34.5cm
      • Material: plywood
      • Fixing materials are not included

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