Kattovit Urinary Tuna, 8kg

Kattovit Urinary Tuna, 8kg
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Special dry cat food with wholesome chicken, for cats with diseases of the lower urinary tract. With reduced magnesium content for struvite stone prevention, and DL-methionine and calcium sulphate.

Kattovit Urinary dry cat food with chicken has been specially developed to meet the specific needs of cats suffering from diseases of the lower urinary tract. FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease) is a common problem in cats, which often involves the development of painful struvite stones. These can lead to secondary diseases of the kidneys.

Ingredients: Grain, meat & animal by-products (16% chicken meat meal), oils and fats, fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein extracts, eggs and egg products, vegetable by-products, yeasts, minerals, milk and dairy products.

Nutritional additives (per kg):
Vitamin A (16800 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (1680 IU/kg), vitamin E (168mg/kg), zinc [zinc sulphate, monohydrate] (270mg/kg), iodine [calcium iodate, anhydrous] (8mg/kg), selenium [sodium selenite] (0.22mg/kg), taurine (1500mg/kg), DL-methionine (5000 mg/kg).

Technological additives (per kg):
Antioxidants, ammonium chloride (1000mg/kg).

Manufacturer's feeding recommendation:
Kattovit Urinary with Chicken is a complete dry food for cats.

An average adult cat (approx. 4kg weight) should be fed approx. 60g per day. Please make sure that your pet always has fresh drinking water available.

Recommended feeding duration: up to 6 months.

We strongly recommend you seek advice from your vet prior to feeding and before extending the feeding period of Kattovit Urinary.

Reduced magnesium content in your pet's food is very important for the prevention of struvite stones, since this can also reduce the amount of magnesium in your cat's urine. This can therefore counteract the formation of struvite stones that require magnesium for their development (ammonium magnesium phosphate stones). The pH level of your cat's urine can also be maintained at a lightly acidic level (pH 6.4) thanks to the calcium sulphate and DL-methionine, which has an acidifying effect on urine. This can help to prevent the formation of struvite stones, which can only occur in urine with an alkaline pH level. Kattovit Urinary special dry food contains wholesome chicken as an easily digestible source of animal protein. This high quality cat food also has added essential taurine and other important vitamins and minerals.
Kattovit Urinary with Chicken:

  • Special dry food for cats with diseases of the lower urinary tract (FLUTD)
  • Perfect for the prevention of struvite stones
  • Reduced magnesium content: prevents the formation of new struvite stones containing magnesium
  • With DL-methionine and calcium sulphate: acidifying effect, reduces the pH level in cat urine
  • With chicken: healthy source of animal protein, important source of energy
  • With taurine: essential amino acid for a healthy heart and good vision
  • With important vitamins and minerals: for a complete, well-balanced diet
  • Easy to digest


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